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Ukraine | Ryan Moore

People are flocking to damaged churches in Ukraine even as the war rages on! As areas of Ukraine are liberated from opposing forces, churches offering hope in the midst of so much suffering will be restored.

DESCRIPTION: Damage to the churches ranges from windows blown out to complete destruction. Although the war is not over, the time to move forward is now. Many areas of Ukraine are now liberated from opposing forces and are ready to repair or rebuild. Other locations, mostly to the east, are still active war zones and the timeline is unknown.

Churches in the liberated areas of Ukraine will be assessed to confirm the scope of work needed to restore the church back to full operation. The network is in place to make this happen!

Phase 1 will be the first seven churches that now shovel-ready and waiting for funding to be restored.

BENEFITS: Each damaged church building repaired will empower the local church as they continue their service to the community! These churches will now be able to continue with much-needed prayer services bringing peace to the souls of those who attend. Pastors can continue proclaiming the Gospel and offering eternal hope to those who hear. The Ukrainian church will be encouraged to carry on as the international church demonstrates the love of Christ helping them in their greatest time of need.