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The Garden: Missionary Respite House

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Spain | Keith Jones

Missionaries face up to five times more stress than the average American. They often feel like they must hide pain and anxiety, and don’t get to deal with it until it’s too late. The Garden is a place for missionaries to find healing and restoration so they can continue ministering from a spiritually healthy place and fulfill God’s call.


Respite is defined as a period of rest or relief. The Garden is a respite home for missionary care in Malaga, Spain. The property has been acquired and the home is now being modified from a single family home into a beautiful getaway from the daily responsibilities of work and ministry to create a safe space for missionaries and their families.


The Garden missionary respite care house is a place for extraordinary people facing overwhelming circumstances to receive the spiritual, physical, and emotional support they need to continue serving in their place of calling as our fellowship endeavors to see the Gospel taken to all people everywhere.