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Bosnia-Herzegovina | Curtis Hobbs

Sharing the gospel with anyone under 18 is illegal in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Valley of Blessing Youth Camp opens the door to reach young people and is now expanding to double its capacity!

DESCRIPTION: This project is planned in three phases including a major remodel, addition to a multi-purpose building, and remodeling of existing facilities. Phase 1 is completing the structural modifications and getting the building dried in for the multi-purpose building dorm rooms and cafeteria expansion. Phase 2 will be the finishing work on the interior including the electrical, plumbing, walls, and all furnishings. Phase 3 will be the remodeling of other buildings which includes flooring, windows, doors, a ceiling, electrical, and plumbing.

BENEFITS: The Valley of Blessing Youth Camp is reaching young people with the gospel in a country where there are only approximately 500 protestant believers! Students come to this camp with written permission from their parents to hear the gospel! Many young believers will encounter God and be called into ministry as future leaders of this first-generation church! This project will double the capacity of the camp and give even more young people the opportunity to hear the gospel! Additionally, the camp is utilized by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Pentecostal Union churches year-round for meetings and gatherings of these churches in this very difficult region of the world for Christians.