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Abuse is prevalent among children with disabilities in Honduras. This will be the only school for the deaf in San Pedro Sula, giving deaf students in this area a rare opportunity for an education and a successful future.

Description: The Honduras School for the Deaf will be an 8,600 square foot, two-story facility. It will include 8 classrooms, a prayer room, a conference room, an office, a kitchen, and an open-air courtyard that will serve as a school gym and meeting space for the local AG Church for the Deaf. The school currently serves 100 students. Many of these students come from vulnerable neighborhoods throughout San Pedro Sula, and are still dealing with the after effects of two hurricanes last year.

Benefits: Many of the younger children come to the school for the deaf having no way to communicate because they are unable to sign. They learn how to sign at the elementary school. This project will make room for more deaf students to get an education. 

Because of space, high school students currently can only attend for after-school tutoring. This project will create an adequate space for high school students to attend school full-time. The new location will also include vocational and trade training with a computer lab and sewing machines for the older students. 

The local church for the deaf will also have a place to meet, giving the deaf community an opportunity to have a clear presentation of the gospel.