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Philippines | Jeremy Godwin

Seven million children are sexually abused and exploited in the Philippines every year. Expanding the capacity of Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch gives children rescued from these horrors a safe place to heal through the love of Jesus and the opportunity to grow from victim to victor.

Description: This multi-stage project will improve the facilities and living conditions of the children, as well as expand the capacity of the ranch to allow room for 25 more children to be rescued and defended. The projects include a water well, security fence, rainwater collection system, solar power, aquaponics food production system, and housing facilities for more house parents. 

Benefits: More children than ever are at-risk for sexual abuse and online exploitation in the Philippines, where almost 1/4 of the population live on less than $2 a day and 32% of the population is under 14 years old. Add in a global pandemic that forces people to stay in their homes, it creates a recipe for disaster!

Happy Horizons Children’s Ranch is dedicated to rescuing and transforming the lives of sexually exploited and trafficked children in the Philippines. The least we can do is to ensure their basic needs will be met with water, food, medical care, security, power, and education! All of this together will ensure a brighter future for Filipino children through the transforming love of God.