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Powakka Indigenous Church Plant

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The village of Powakka is located in Suriname South America. Their religious background consists of a mixture of paganism and polytheism. The countries history is Dutch Colonialism and the official language is Dutch. The greater part of the country is Indigenous and unreached people groups of which speak their native tongue. The Powakka people are open to the gospel and anxious to be productive for God. Currently there is about 130 in regular attendance and their building has seating for over 200. They have done a lot of work and need to complete the structure. Pastor Henkie Sengalmetigo and his wife Judith were converted in there youth from the Muslim faith. They have obeyed Gods call for their lives and have worked tirelessly throughout their country planting and building churches. The future for the people of Powakka will depend on if the church is established in this community.