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Build the Bahamas, hurricane Dorian reconstruction

Church #20929 Camp Abaco

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Bahamas | Builders Teams Department

On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian lashed communities in Grand Bahama and Abaco with 12 hours of sustained, 185 mph winds and a 23-foot storm surge that delivered a deluge of water more than five miles inland. Builders International sent an assessment team to Grand Bahama and Abaco and stands ready to send construction teams to help rebuild churches throughout these islands.

DESCRIPTION: People are suffering from the devastation resulting from the unrelenting fury of Hurricane Dorian. For the most part, they are still in a state of survival. At a time when people need the church more than ever, rebuilding HOPE is vital to these island communities.

BENEFITS: Construction teams will repair the damage to ensure that churches continue to stand as beacons of hope throughout communities where people have endured much heartache. Your work will provide places where people will find hope and empower the local church to serve a community in need.