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Honduras Transformation Bible school students come by horse, by canoe, and on foot! Yet, when they arrive, they have no place to eat, sleep, or study. This project provides a place where they will be trained to take the Gospel to their indigenous communities.

Description: This two-story Bible institute will house ten classrooms, a dormitory with bathrooms and showers, an open-air kitchen and cafeteria, and a technical school for vocational training.

Benefits: Currently, 67 students endure an arduous trek through the mountains of Honduras to get from their homes to their place of study. Once the Honduras Transformation Project is completed, up to 200 students will have a place to call home for their week-long blocks of intensive study. They will have a classroom in which to study (rather than sitting on the ground outside) while they soak up eight hours of instruction at a time. They will be provided three meals a day (rather than only what they were able to carry in their pack) along with a place to eat.

Most importantly, they won’t have to worry about sleeping under a tree because they will now have a dorm room to sleep each night in comfort and security. These students will get quality training from accredited professors, as well as practical experience to take back to their indigenous communities and transform them with the Gospel.