Builders Project: Tier 2

"Boyaca Build Out"

Church #20550

$100,000 USD

69% $69,125 Raised


Colombia |

Need Statement: A great revival has swept through Boyacá, Colombia! As a result, not just one, but FOUR churches have quickly grown beyond capacity. They now need a permanent place to meet, so they can continue to grow and reach this area for Jesus!

Description: One of the churches is presently meeting in a tent owned by the missionary, and attendance is at capacity. Another church’s attendance is running at 140 people with two services in their current building. This church is located in a town that has a population of just over 13,000. The pastor believes, once they get into their new facility, they can reach 10% of the community (1,300 people) right away!

Benefits: The revival experienced in this area has rippled across Boyacá. Once these churches have a permanent meeting place, there will be room for even more Colombians to come and hear about Jesus. One pastor expressed, “We don’t want to just build a building, we want to build people”.