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Casa de Mi Gloria - Nindiri

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Nicaragua | Builders Teams Department

Help is needed to build the Casa De Mi Gloria church in the city of Nindiri, Nicaragua. The church was started in a home 5 years ago with a group of 8 people, and it has grown to over 150 members. As they work on completing their own building, the church is also committed in expanding the Gospel in their region. Two years ago, they planted a daughter church in the neighboring city of Masaya, Nicaragua.

DESCRIPTION: Casa De Mi Gloria is one of the fastest growing churches in Nindiri, a 20-minute drive from Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua. Nindiri is strategically located between two large cities, Managua and Masaya, and perfectly situated to continue to expand the Kingdom of God and reach the lost. Finishing the building consists of raising the front wall, the windows and doors, the floor, and the stage area. Sunday school classrooms are in being added on the side of the sanctuary.

BENEFIT: Upon completion, the church will seat 350 people as well as having Sunday School classrooms directly connected to the main building. With the permanent building, Casa De Mi Gloria Nindiri will become an even more evangelistic and disciplining center to the region. It will also be a permanent testimony of God's love to the people of Nindiri as they continue to plant other churches and expand God`s Kingdom. Join us in reaching Nicaragua for Christ!