El Salvador

Builders Project: Tier 3

Marriage and Family Counseling Center

Other #20030

$395,000 USD

62% $245,000 Raised


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NEED: There is an overwhelming need in El Salvador for Christians to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of marriage and family. As a result of deep-rooted cultural ideals, a healthy respect for one another is often lacking in Salvadorian families. Many of the families in El Salvador are not traditional, meaning the parents live together but never get married, or the father is unknown, and the mother raises the children alone. This causes much confusion for children about the biblical way to live and have a healthy Christian family.

DESCRIPTION: The current facility which is incomplete is at maximum capacity completion of this building is urgently needed. There are many who are waiting for training and ministry to make a turn around in their lives, families and others. Teams of masons, plumbers, electricians, tilers and finishers are needed now for the completion of the second level of construction. The Missionaries, Staff and facilities are ready and waiting for teams to come and help

BENEFITS: The center will provide a place to strengthen relational issues that Christians are faced with in El Salvador. Through personalized ministry, the outcome will be stronger families and a better understanding of relationship boundaries. This will be helpful in raising up healthy and exemplary Christians, which will foster a healthier culture in the church.