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Vanuatu | Sam Paris

Sam and Lisa Paris live in a 480 square foot home along with their four children near an active volcano that constantly spits ash. The Tanna Mission Center will provide safe and adequate housing for this family of six while making room for vital ministries that will impact the entire island nation.


Phase 1 is the ministry center, mission house, and a fence, which will provide workspace and a secure home for the Paris family, making room for two teenagers, two pre-teens, a 6'5" dad, and a mom! It will also incorporate proper ventilation to keep dangerous volcanic ash out of the house.

Phase 2 is the coordinating center, which will include a kitchen for hosting events and outreaches, office space, covered meeting space for workshops and conferences. A Bible Training Center will also be launched from the coordinating center.

Phase 3 will include housing for missionary associates and short-term workers, as well as a community outreach center which will include a recreation and fitness area, as well as a multipurpose space to host medical clinics, etc. This space will include a stage to be utilized for productions and outreaches.


The Tanna Mission Center will allow the Paris family, as well as other team members, to thrive in their ministry work and remain healthy while leading ministries and programs of the coordinating center. In a nation where cannibalism was outlawed in the 1980’s, the Tanna Mission Center will serve as the launching point for ministry on the island of Tanna, throughout Vanuatu, and beyond!