Turks & Caicos Creole Church

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NOTE: Although registered as a sovereign of the Bahamas the Creole Church project is located in the Turks and Caicos islands.You will arrive and depart from Providencia.

NEED: The Community Fellowship Center (CFC) began it's ministry in December 1995 and has since added a primary school as well as the Theological Seminary. CFC has also planted a Creole Church in TCI and Haiti. There are plans to plant another Spanish church in TCI. Leadership for these two new congregations will come from the two local congregations.

The Caribbean School of Theology (CST) began a Bible school in 2009. A graduation will occur in September 2018. CST's goal is to conduct biblical studies in English, Creole, and Spanish.

New construction is ongoing at the Creole facility to complete the first floor and the second story.Teams are needed.