Dominican Republic

Builders Project: Tier 3

Life Change Church Project

Church #20172

$120,000 USD

4% $4,275 Raised


Dominican Republic | Mitchell Martinez

NEED STATEMENT: A church building is needed to give adequate space for up to 5,000 people. This will accommodate the growth pattern of "Life Change Church", which is currently running approximately 2,000 people.

DESCRIPTION: Life Change Church is located in the town of Villa Altagracia, Dominican Republic. The pastor, Dario Mateo, is a gifted leader in the church and community. The ministries and programs are fully funded by the local church. These combined factors have served to increase the  faith needed to purchase land, obtain a design, and get construction underway. The next phase, as soon as the roof of the sanctuary is finished, is the finishing of a two-story office complex attached to the front of the church. Further plans are to purchase land connected to the church property and build a training center with dormitories.

BENEFITS: God has given this church a new season of growth, from a congregation of 400 to over 2000 people. The goal of this project is to give them ample space to continue in this pattern of growth up to 5,000 people. Pastor Mateo has a vision to raise up ministers and missionaries from Life Change Church to be sent around the world.