Builders Project: Tier 3

Ministry Center: Phase 1

Other #15115

$75,000 USD

67% $50,000 Raised


Mozambique | Joel Charest

NEED: While the housing for missionaries is complete, Phase One’s Ministry Center is only 50% complete and needs to be finished as soon as possible.

DESCRIPTION: Following completion of the ministry center, future expansion plans include additional facilities. Builders is helping manage this project with the Charest family, which has accepted the challenge of ministering to the unreached Macua people of Pemba, Mozambique.

BENEFITS: The need for facilities to train leaders, host outreaches for children, and lodging for missions teams will be met with the completion of Phase One. Phase Two’s expansion will add more facilities, making it possible to recruit and train national pastors. The wide-open door God has willed for northern Mozambique continues to be manifested in the exciting response by Muslim villagers in the Pemba area.