Builders Project: Tier 3

Good News Church, Tatarstan

Church #13262

$400,000 USD

69% $275,000 Raised


Russia | Carley Touchstone

NEED: A construction deadline hangs before this thriving congregation as their building is in progress. Located in a city of 600,000 people, a majority of the population is Tatar, an unreached group, and Muslim. Temporary facilities for this church of 500 people are already in use.

 DESCRIPTION: The property was miraculously donated to the church by the local government, and they also designed the plans for the impressive 60,000 sq. ft. building at no cost. This building is designed for worship, teaching, fellowship, and an administrative center for both the church and the regional ministries.

 BENEFITS: Upon completion, the potential of this strategically located church significantly increases in this socialist and restrictive community. The permanent facility will anchor the Good News Church as it serves this region. The church is already known for its compassion ministries. Even in their temporary facilities, they serve the needy, those with addictions, and have a successful discipleship ministry. A permanent building is a permanent witness of the Gospel.