Timothy's Abode Mission Center

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Ecuador | Ron & Esther Marcotte

An intensive practical missionary training center - the first of its kind in Ecuador. Students are ready - but we need training building - students living under one room receiving our missions DNA. Foundation set to be laid June 2018.  Construction Teams as well as Finances are desperately needed. Timothy's Abode ~ Morada de Timoteo.

Daily people are being saved in Ecuador. With that, many are being called into missions.

Even with such great news, the LAC region is still not reached - we know that 5 out of every 6 persons have not heard nor received the gospel. Yet Ecuadorians are willing to go to the unreached! There are no plans in our Ecuadorian Bible schools to implement a missions program. That is why Timothy's Abode missionary training center is a great solution.

The Ecuadorian national leadership and its Department of Foreign Missions have requested our assistance in building and in establishing an intensive and practical, live-in missionary training center for future Ecuadorian missionaries. Timothy's Abode has been named as a requirement for all future Ecuadorian missionary. The goal is for our stateside partners to help build the missionary training center and for our Ecuadorian partners to sponsor and to support their students. The time is urgent. We needed to open yesterday! Our first students will begin February 2019.

The building structure of Timothy’s Abode is one of the typical styles found in Ecuador with 3.5 stories and a cupola in the center to help with air flow. The training center will house a maximum of 30 students at a time. 

The timeline: The land on which Timothy’s Abode will be located was donated by a local church. It included a water cistern and electrical hookup. The land finished being cleared and leveled in July 2017. All permits are finalized. A container to house and protect building supplies and construction equipment was donated by stateside partners and arrived in July 2017. A prayer gazebo was built (2017). 

Everything is ready to start the foundation - except we need teams! And money for the first floor.

Our rainy season is December through April with the heaviest rains occurring in February and March. If we had all the funds we could totally complete the project in 6 months. The foundation of Timothy’s Abode must be in no later than January 2019.

Construction teams are vital. In addition, if individuals or churches are looking to combine with another team, please feel free to contact Steve Levick with Builder's International. Thank you.