Builders Project: Tier 2

Chetumal Bible School

Bible School #20098

$535,000 USD

87% $466,351 Raised


Mexico | David Smith

NEED: Construction of Chetumal Bible Institute in Chetumal, Mexico.

DESCRIPTION: New construction, building addition, and building remodel for the purpose of having a sanctuary, gymnasium, classrooms, dorms, chapel, academic and administration buildings. These are phases of the project to be built on the 50,000-square foot property acquired by the National Church of Mexico.

BENEFITS: Having operated for 20 years as an extension of the Instituto Biblico Eclesiastes, students of the Chetumal Bible Institute have had to travel to five different churches for different periods, which limits their development. Despite this situation, pastors continue to graduate and lead churches throughout the area. Because it covers two regions, more than 100 AG churches are directly benefited by the presence of this extension. A new facility would serve to overcome the present limitations of not having an established location for the unique services operating as Instituto Biblico Chetumal and would be a great advantage for the planned development of enhanced courses, programs, and diplomas in various ministerial disciplines in the future. Goals are for consolidating as an interdenominational institution, continuing leadership courses for deacons and church staff, and becoming a viable option for educational projects at the national level.