Builders Project

Continental Theological Seminary (CTS) Expansion

Bible School #9267

$8,388,779 USD

46% $3,892,837 Raised


Belgium | John Alderman

CTS is at capacity and suffering from a lack of space for students and faculty. Because of the growing student population, students are being forced to live off-campus at much higher costs. This project provides a place that trains students who will carry the hope of the Gospel throughout this dark continent.

DESCRIPTION: CTS opened in 1959. This Pentecostal center for higher education was birthed to provide training and education in an international environment, which prepares men and women for Christian ministry. This project will include the construction of a women’s dormitory with additional housing for married students. Another wing of this facility will be a cafeteria. The Chateau, the main building, will also be remodeled to expand the library space.

BENEFITS: Strategically located in the “capital city” of Europe, CTS is poised to help strengthen and renew the Church in a highly secularized European context. Educational opportunities exist for Bachelors and Masters Degrees and, in the near future, doctoral studies. The new dormitory building will provide housing for additional undergraduate students, and meet the demand for housing married and graduate students, as well as continuing education opportunities for pastors. The new cafeteria will meet the continuing needs of a growing student body, as well as a place to host events. The remodeling of the Chateau will greatly expand space for faculty and administration offices. These facilities will prepare students to reach this post-Christian culture with the good news of Jesus.