Builders Project: Tier 2

Latin America Resource and Training Center

Other #14295

$950,000 USD

63% $600,000 Raised


Panama | Rod Boyd

NEED: Phase Three Atrium construction begins in 2018, and will be a 5,000 sq ft connector building between the first and second buildings. The atrium will include a reception, lobby, and open area for meals. 

DESCRIPTION: LARTC is being developed on three acres just 10 minutes from Panama City’s main airport. The complex will consist of two buildings connected by a large commons area. The first building is a 15,000 sq ft, two-story training and administrative center. The second building is a 15,000 sq ft, two-story housing facility. The 5,000 sq ft, atrium will connect the two buildings.

BENEFITS: LARTC equips leaders and trains teachers through events and leadership dialogues that promote networking and coordination of educational efforts, as well as providing needed resources for ministerial training. The atrium will feature a mezzanine bridge that will connect the two existing buildings. By the end of 2018, LARTC will be functionally complete.